Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Come to the Fair!

Here is page one of our flyer inviting you to the Bard Fair! Saturday 22nd October 6 - 9.30pm, the first ever Feast Day of the poet, playwright and social and cultural inspiration Pope John Paul II.

If you are tempted by the mix of people and arts on offer then please do reply to roseannekinvig@gmail.com and let us know that we can expect you.

There's Holy Mass at 6pm,
food and wine at 7pm,
performances at 7.30pm
and the Bard Fair at 8pm.

We are launching the new publication from Tignarius Press, an anthology of 21 Christian poets - 'Heartspeak: a Contemplative Chorus'.

It was edited by Piotr Stolarski to mark the Beatification of John Paul II. You will be able to hear readings and performances from the anthology. Some poems have already been set to music.

Mass at St Mary of the Angels, Bayswater will be celebrated at 6pm by Msgr Keith Barltrop with concelebrant Fr Dominic White OP, freshly returned from his MA in Theology of the Arts in Paris. He will be preaching and we look forward to his dynamic view of the arts in the expression of the mysteries of liturgy and of ordinary life. He now ministers in the lively University Chaplaincy in Newcastle.

And here on page two of our flyer you can see some of our other stall-holders who will be launching new products, exhibiting art work, or sharing new ideas in progress:

Jane Radford will be exhibiting her exquisite painting under glass, which is a technique she has pioneered herself and calls Nature Sous Verre.

Helen Munt who is also a singer songwriter will be sharing her new idea for a religious card business based on her rather arresting and memorable contemporary calligraphies of Scripture, which she calls Scripture Doodles. We have several other bards who design cards and we are developping a range called Cards from the Bards. If you know people who distribute cards then do bring them along!

I'll be launching workshops of some of my previous scenes and poems, now designed especially for use in the community, educational and business settings - Poetry Opens the World. This project was funded by the wonderfully supportive and innovative Faith in the Community. It's been great fun designing the visuals with Leo Earle and Claire Barrie our resident Bard designers. I love covers of the workshops from the next 2 Downloads which will also be launching on the day.

Asian fusion fans will not be disappointed by Hammad Baily's inimitable singing and guitar playing which has a breadth of classical indian and pop references to dazzle and move anyone. His latest album of Christmas songs in the Asian Dance mode are unique and impossible not to leap onto the dancefloor with!

Then you can relax with Roseanne Kinvig's striking and contemplative Hour Lilies - which she calls Designs to Dream to. If you are fans like we are of 'Momo' by Michel Ende, you'll understand the Hour Lilies reference. It was the only word we could come up with for what sprang from her imagination in times of peace and meditation. There'll be a separate bardschool post about those as we approach the Day of the Bard Fair.

Some Bards who are abroad or working, are still going to be represented and you'll be able to hear their music and read their workshops to see if you might be able to use them in your church, community or school, campaign, contemplative group or maybe just party!

Edwin Fawcett wrote a magnificent contemporary setting for voices (sung and spoken) and strings - for one of John Paul II's poem 'Shores of Silence' which has now been performed several times. You will be able to hear it at the Listening Station. Sarah Fordham who is presently ministering in Canada has researched and written wonderful workshops to use John Paul II's poetry in a pastoral setting. Come and browse through some of those materials and have a go at writing a poem, inspired by the man whose very first Feast Day falls on 22nd October - the day of the Bard Fair.

Another Polish poet once said that - "the Time will come when to be a great poet you will also have to be a saint". Perhaps that time has come.

Do come and join the mix of artists, commissioners of arts, social activists and evangelists as well as those who simply long to see a bit more soulfulness in their day, and see who you might meet, what you might create and what you will discover.

Just email roseannekinvig@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing you there and hearing all about YOUR projects, initiatives and work. If you would like to leave flyers and cards on the Friends of the Bards Stall then just let Roseanne know.

All the best!


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